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Nos boursières et boursiers en vedette

European Climate Foundation (ECF)

La European Climate Foundation (fondation européenne pour la protection de l’environnement – ECF) a été créée par un groupe de fondations philanthropiques qui souhaitaient investir de concert dans la recherche, l’élaboration des politiques et...

Programme d’été en recherche à l’École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL)

L’EPFL est l’un des deux instituts fédéraux de technologie de la Suisse. Il s’agit d’un établissement universitaire de recherche et d’enseignement public de grande renommée, spécialisé en sciences naturelles et en génie. Chaque été, l’EPFL offre à...

Mandela Rhodes Scholarships

Les Mandela Rhodes Scholarships (bourses Rhodes Mandela) contribuent à l’édification d’un leadership exceptionnel en Afrique, par le biais de bourses de maîtrise destinées à de jeunes leaders africains aux universités d’Afrique du Sud. Les boursières et...

Fondation Boursiers Loran

Les bourses de la Fondation Boursiers Loran, destinées à des étudiantes et étudiants de premier cycle, sont les mieux dotées du genre au Canada. Le programme, très sélectif, repose sur trois qualités essentielles : personnalité, service à la société et...

Centre d’animation scolaire de l’Ontario

Le Centre d’animation scolaire de l’Ontario s’est donné pour mission de motiver et de former les jeunes de la 6e à la 12e année en leur offrant des programmes d’été au cours desquels ils acquièrent des compétences et des ressources qu’ils mettront ensuite...

Rhodes Trust

Les Rhodes Scholarships (bourses d’études Rhodes) permettent aux étudiantes et étudiants des cycles supérieurs qui se démarquent par leurs excellents résultats, leur personnalité, leur leadership et leur volonté de servir la société, d’étudier à...

Des nouvelles de la Fondation McCall MacBain

Les titulaires de la Bourse McCall – Comté de Huron en 2020

Comté de Huron, Ontario (2 septembre 2020) – Cinq étudiant·e·s du comté de Huron ont reçu une bourse de quelque 32 000 $, qui leur permet d’entreprendre cet automne un programme d’études de premier cycle de quatre ans. Il s’agit de la deuxième cohorte de titulaires de...

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Les titulaires de la Bourse MacBain – Niagara Falls en 2020

Niagara Falls, Ontario (2 septembre 2020) – Six étudiant·e·s de Niagara Falls reçoivent une bourse de quelque 32 000 $, grâce à laquelle ils entreprennent cet automne un programme d’études de premier cycle de quatre ans. Il s’agit du troisième groupe de titulaires de...

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Just 2 weeks left to enter the @VideosforChange Global Competition!

We’re looking for stories from youth aged 13-18 on how climate change is impacting you, the place where you live and your community. One idea. One video. One minute.

We will be awarding the six best videos on the theme of Climate Action with the opportunity to reach a global audience and be screened at high-profile events worldwide.

Entries close July 12. Get started today and share:

#videosforchange #climatechange #climateaction @highresolves @highresolvescanada

Landmark science led by @NatureUnitedCanada reveals that by protecting, better managing and restoring nature, Canada can cut its GHG emissions by up to 78 Mt CO2e annually in 2030—equal to the current emissions from powering every home in Canada for about 3 years.

The McCall MacBain Foundation is proud to support Nature United. Read more on how nature can deliver immediate impact in Canada’s fight to tackle the climate crisis:

#NaturalClimateSolutions #ClimateChange #NetZeroj

There are just six weeks left to enter the @VideosforChange Global Competition!

Climate change is happening and we need to act now. We’re looking for stories from youth aged 13-18 on how climate change is impacting you, the place where you live and your communities. We want to amplify what you have to say.

We are thrilled to share that @nigel.topping and @gmunozabogabir will be two of the judges for the McCall MacBain Climate Action Awards. One idea. One Video. One minute. Enter the #VideosforChange Global Competition for the chance to be screened to a global audience and at high-profile events around the world.

Share this opportunity with teenagers and educators you know. Free resources available in 7 languages.

#videosforchange #climatechange #climateaction
@highresolves @highresolvescanada

In April 2020, the McCall MacBain Foundation was pleased to support @projectshare_nf, a food bank in Niagara Falls, Ontario, through our Pandemic Response Fund.

For more than 30 years, Project SHARE has been providing emergency food and support services to individuals and families who are living below the poverty line in Niagara Falls.

They have served 637 new families since March 2020, and distributed 830,000 pounds of food. The Foundation's gift was used to expand Project SHARE's fridge and freezer capacity, providing access to more healthy, perishable foods. Funding was also used to distribute grocery gift cards to those in need.

Thank you Project SHARE for your work serving individuals and families in need.

#FoodSecurity #Covid19PandemicResponse #NiagaraFalls

Today's #GranteeSpotlight is on @ArtsUmbrella. Arts Umbrella brings together young artists ages 2–22 to cultivate their creativity in Art & Design, Dance, and Theatre, Music & Film.

The McCall MacBain Foundation is proud to support four to five McCall MacBain Cultural Leadership Scholarships at Arts Umbrella annually.

2020/2021 recipient Ethan Ribeiro writes:

"I am extremely passionate about climate change and curtailing the negative effects humanity has had on the environment. I would like to bring these issues to the forefront through the arts, and explore how the professional dance community can become advocates for the environment. With help from my mentorship opportunity and the generous support from the McCall MacBain Cultural Leadership Scholarship Award, I would like to investigate what changes can be made to limit our contribution to increasing environmental damage. I would also like to have the opportunity to share with my fellow classmates how we, as a community, can make positive changes to improve the health of our environment.”

#ArtsLeadership #ArtsEducation #ArtsUmbrella
📷: David Cooper

Calling all youth aged 13-18! What climate action is most important to you? How would your community and our world be better if we took that action? Tell us by entering the @VideosforChange Global Competition. One idea. One video. One minute.

We are proud to support the @McCallMacBain Climate Action Awards to support youth worldwide with some incredible opportunities to create and be heard by a global audience. Helpful resources are available for youth and educators in 7 languages. Entries close July 12.

Get started today!

#videosforchange #climatechange #climateaction
@highresolves @highresolvescanada @videosforchange

Congratulations to the first class of @mccallmacbainscholars at @mcgillu, and to all those who were considered for the program! We are so proud to provide these students with opportunities to realize their potential. Each scholar was chosen based on their character, community engagement, leadership potential, entrepreneurial spirit, academic strengths and intellectual curiosity. In the words of John McCall MacBain: “The global challenges we face as a society need the energy and entrepreneurial spirit of these scholars.” Learn more about the inaugural recipients of Canada’s first comprehensive leadership-based scholarship for master’s and professional studies, at: ...

Are you a talented @mcgillu graduate with strong character and leadership potential? Applications are open for the John McCall MacBain Graduate Scholarship at Wadham College, Oxford.

Applicants must have completed at least one degree at McGill by August 2021 and must be admitted to a graduate course that is offered at Wadham College.

Applications are due April 6th at 14:00pm EDT. Visit to apply!


Today's #GranteeSpotlight is on the Kupe Leadership Scholarships at @universityofauckland.

In 2017, the McCall MacBain Foundation partnered with the University of Auckland to create the Kupe Leadership Scholarships, which give exceptional scholars an integrated financial, personal and professional experience that equips them to succeed as leaders in New Zealand, and internationally.

Pictured above is one of the 2020 Kupe Leadership Scholars we are proud to support, Sung-Min Jun. Sung-Min is completing a Bachelor of Medical Sciences (Honours). He shares the following:

“Embarking on a career in medicine, I am passionate about equity within healthcare. Of particular interest to me is the role of healthcare professionals in perpetuating or reducing health inequities. Research consistently shows that factors like ethnicity (i.e. Māori vs non- Māori) play a significant role in determining the quality of care a patient receives.

While multifactorial, a large part of this can be attributed to the attitudes and decisions a healthcare professional makes. New Zealand has come far in educating and working towards attaining this standard, however, we still have a lot to achieve and hope for. I aim to utilise all that I can to continue to foster and take part in developing the attitudes required to address this issue.”

#Scholarships #HigherEd #HealthEquity #Philanthropy